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Nelly Saunier Wings of Bliss

“Bonjour, bonjour les hirondelles!” (Greetings, greetings the swallows!). For Nelly Saunier, FEATHER artist, joy is like CHARLES TRENET’s song “Il y a de la joie”. Airy and poetic, it flies above our heads like a daydream.

Is fashion a kill-joy?

A parade of sad girls, stylists on the verge of burn-out, dark colors, stark shapes… Why is fashion often the victim of chronic neurasthenia? Is despair a saleable commodity? Happilythere are those who successfully advocate another vision of style that is sunnier, happier and more positive.

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We’ve located a list of places in Geneva, Paris or Zurich that bring a smile to our lips and put a spring in our step!

Piero Biasion Jubilant catwalks

A fan of art, through photography, Piero Biasion has found the means to connect with all forms of creation. Familiar with the catwalks, he frequently turns his lens to focus “backstage” to capture life and emotion in its sincerest

Émilie Faïf The daring to never be anywhere…

Artist and visual designer Émilie Faïf explores a universe pervaded by an incredible sense of freshness and originality. Beneath her touch, materials move, fly and breathe.

Sonia Sieff

Spotlight on black and whiteCarte blanche to photographer Sonia Sieff Slim and beautiful Sonia Sieff has the natural grace that is the stuff of photographers’ dreams. Yet her place is firmly behind the lens, where she composes images that resemble her: lively, smooth, accurate, filled with lightness and intensity. Her fast, well-modulated diction conveys her […]

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