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Louis Cavaco

“I do not capture the passing image, but that which I wish to see”

With an eye that is as much that of a photographer as a designer, Luis Cavaco captures urban reality, expressing powerful lines, esthetic accidents, structured beauty and infinite poetry.

What made you get involved in photography?
During my first trip to Paris (I was living in Lisbon at the time), my father lent me his old Leica to bring back some pictures. I had never touched a camera before and it grabbed me instantly. I simultaneously fell in love with photography, with this perfect object I was able to use, and with Paris! This adventure influenced everything I have subsequently achieved in my life, starting with my studies in design and photography and my subsequent move to Paris.

Have you remained true to Leica?
Like many photographers, I am a Leica addict. It is rare that technology has been this inspiring. The excellence of the optics and the lenses brings a softness and unique poetry to the images. It allows you to play with blurring or, on the contrary, to obtain a perfect level of sharpness. And they are small-sized cameras, so easy to use and carry around when exploring urban areas.

What themes inspire you?
I am a somewhat different kind of ‘street photographer’. My stamping ground  is mainly the street, but I am not looking to capture the moment in all its  obvious reality. I confine myself to situations that are captivating because  of their graphic or architectural dimensions; for their potential in terms of contrasts, shadows, lights, reflections… I also like visiting exhibitions, observing the fascinating tension and the occasionally strange relationship between  spectators and artworks. No matter what the subject, my artistic intervention involves presenting the image that has developed in my imagination based on actual reality. And if that means waiting for the light to reach the desired intensity, or for someone to move into my field of vision to ensure that the photograph corresponds exactly with what is in my head, I simply exercise my patience until that happens.

www.luiscavaco.fr / Instagram @ilovemyleica

Based on an interview by Michèle Wouters


December 2018, launch of Segredos de Portugal – a book accompanied by several exhibitions in France and Portugal, organized by Leica, amongst others.

Rainy day
© L. Cavaco

Palm Springs
© L. Cavaco

© L. Cavaco

Upside down
© L. Cavaco

© L. Cavaco

Vintage clubs, London yard sale
© L. Cavaco

Urban ballet
© L. Cavaco

© L. Cavaco

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