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Art and creation

YIn Mn – Serendipity

Solutions are not always where one expects to find them…

Art in all its forms

How does Yves michaud envisage the future of art?

Duy Anh Nhan Duc – Re-enchanting nature

Botanical artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc crafts heavenly plant-based works.

Pampelonne Beach

Pampelonne Beach as if captured at the dawn of time… Nothing but the pristine beauty of the Mediterranean: stunning and sunny, gentle and radiant.

Color is given carte blanche

Alice Pallot is a young French photographer who studied in Switzerland (ECAL – Lausanne University of Art and Design) and then at La Cambre (Belgium).

Secrets of history

Stéphane’s BernSecrets of history  French journalist Stéphane Bern is known for his fondness for royalty, but he is also and above all a devotee of history that he loves presenting to the public through his television programs and his books. This perpetually fascinated and fascinating individual shares his vision of originality through examples spanning various […]

Cerise Doucède, photographic poems

Cerise Doucède,Photographic poems Scenographer and photographer, Cerise Doucède invents weightless poems and turns them into incredibly original, dreamy images. How did you get the idea of objects in suspension?I had a dream about an open book with pages fluttering away from it. The image fascinated me, so I reproduced it in my living room and tried […]

Amélie Nothomb, profoundly original

– Interview – Amélie Nothomb,profoundly original A singular being fired by intrepid inspiration, Amélie Nothomb has been sharing with us for almost 30 years her thrilling and immediately recognizable novels that entirely resemble her – and yet chime with our innermost selves. According to certain dictionary definitions, originality is associated with singularity and eccentricity. So […]

JR rocks the world

– Art & culture – JRrocks the world With the same elation as a mischievous KID that has found a concealed door at the back of the school courtyard, JR opens up windows of joy in the walls of daily life. Since 2004, this Parisian photographer has been creating GIANT COLLAGES all over the world […]

Feel good movies, good vibrations

– Art & culture – Feel good moviesgood vibrations The Americans regard them as a genre in their own right: those “feel good movies” that make us – well – FEEL GOOD, first and foremost bringing a smile to our lips. They aren’t necessarily masterpieces of the 7th art even if some are, but instead […]

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