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Sabato Visconti’s digital accidents

Sabato Visconti liberates the unpredictable beauty of digital accidents.

Luis Cavaco – Photographer

– Portfolio – Louis Cavaco“I do not capture the passing image, but that which I wish to see” With an eye that is as much that of a photographer as a designer, Luis Cavaco captures urban reality, expressing powerful lines, esthetic accidents, structured beauty and infinite poetry. What made you get involved in photography?During my […]

Laurent Baheux – Wild beauty

In the manner of a portrait painter, Laurent Baheux photographs individual animals at the heart of their natural environment.

Tejal Patni, dizzying color adventures

Tejal Patni is a Dubai-based Indian photographer and producer whose hypnotic universe is infused with Bollywood in uences… Mind your eyes!

Chloé Bolloré

– Portfolio – Chloé Bolloréand her original works Chloé Bolloré is a sparkling, dynamic and creative young woman. She makes pictures composed of photos forming image mosaics that can be perceived on two levels. From a distance, one sees a given face or figure, while a close-up look reveals hundreds of small photos. Her distinctive […]

Joe Bunni Oceans of emotion

– Portfolio – Joe BunniOceans of emotions A qualified DENTIST by profession, passionate photographer and champion of the underwater world, Joe Bunni returns from his expeditions with breathtaking images demonstrating wild BEAUTY and raising awareness of its fragility. In 2011, he received the highly prestigious BBC Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for his […]

Daniela Jeremijevic

Exhilarating ideas, voluptuous colors, along with humor, pleasure and the use of light to sculpt scenes like Renaissance paintings… Daniela Jeremijevic’s dreams know no bounds and she shares them while displaying a voracious appetite for life. Mmm!

Sonia Sieff

Spotlight on black and whiteCarte blanche to photographer Sonia Sieff Slim and beautiful Sonia Sieff has the natural grace that is the stuff of photographers’ dreams. Yet her place is firmly behind the lens, where she composes images that resemble her: lively, smooth, accurate, filled with lightness and intensity. Her fast, well-modulated diction conveys her […]

Vincent Perez

Vincent PerezSeizing the grace of the moment After studying photography in Vevey, Vincent Perez began carving out a stage and screen career. Years later, he came across a box of forgotten photos and an eager passion was again stirred. Ever since, he has constantly been allowing his gaze to wander around the world and human […]

Virginie Sueres

Virginie Sueres,transparently “I was born in a wonderful garden near Toulouse”, confides Virginie Sueres, who spent her childhood observing flowers, trees and plants. Her first films capture the stunning beauty surrounding her in the most natural possible way. Over the years, she developed a close relationship with plant life, infiltrating their very matter and revealing […]

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