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Is cooking an art ?

In October, the executive chef of La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich was awarded a Michelin star, completing the quartet: in Geneva, Paris, Ramatuelle and now Zurich, La Réserve has a Michelin-starred chef at each of its addresses. A flawless record that celebrates the talent of these culinary artists.

Feasting the eye as much as the palate

Whatever you are savoring, it must of course be delicious.But before the fork reaches the mouth, the first impression is a visual one.

Niels Rodin

– Gastronomy – Niels Rodin,a zest of originality Based near Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Jura mountains, Niels Rodin is a happy man. He has turned what was merely a personal passion ten years ago into a living as citrus-fruit grower. The very thought of citrus fruit conjures up images of warm, sunny […]

The epicurean experience

When “it” arrives, every sense is on the alert. The epicurean’s excitement is at its peak. Whether the joy of discovery or a memory in the back of the mind, the end result is the same: joy and happiness…

When sights sets taste buds spinning

When sights sets taste buds spinning The way a dish is presented may turn out to be more than just a visual sleight of hand, instead playing a key role in contemporary cuisine. Has aestheticism become a decisive factor in gastronomy? We eat with our eyes before anything else and it is undoubtedly the first […]

Color first and foremost…

Color first and foremost… Matured in the darkness of the cellar, wine definitely prefers shadow to light. And yet, it is thanks to light that its mysteries are revealed. In order to discover a wine, one needs to exit the darkness of the cellar and take it into the light. Long before odor and taste, […]

The age of enlightenment

The age of enlightenment or a culinary revolution! The Enlightenment marked a turning point in the history of gastronomy. While the era was characterized by peace, there was definitely a revolution going on in the domain of cuisine. Attempting, daring, experimenting, testing… these are the verbs that best convey the spirit of the age. Illustration […]

A glass brimming with joyfulness

– Gastronomy – A glass brimming with joyfulness No party or celebration takes place without champagne – the drink universally regarded as synonymous with special moments and which has been unceasingly loved, adored and savored through the centuries by celebrities and ordinary people alike. What exactly lies behind the bubbles providing such a wondrous feast […]


Crystalcut out for wine Both a miracle and a mirage, crystal conjures up a blend of mystery and magic. A fascinating material that shares an age-old history with wine. Because the famous French expression “qu’importe le flacon, pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse” (Never mind the receptacle, let’s just drink it) would not persuade true connoisseurs who […]