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Sofiane Pamart – Music

Sofiane Pamart is a French composer and pianist. He bases his work on French rap music and his classical piano training at the Lille Conservatory.

Jaïn – My music

Jaïn is a singer, composer and musician with a very personal musical universe.

Imany, colors of passion

A New York-based fashion model who has since become a well-known figure on the Parisian music scene, Imany has a delightfully low-pitched voice enabling her to distil a captivating and elegant take on soul music.

Mika, beyond codes, beyond conventions

– Interview – Mika,beyond codes, beyond conventions A dandy with a light touch also given to profound reflection, Mika brings us flamboyant and singular pop music. Behind the extrovert lies a discreet and sensitive man endowed with incredible talent and unspoiled sincerity. Is originality superficial?No, and those who think so have a caricature-like vision of it or imagine […]

Renaud Capuçon – Joyful man

Renaud Capuçon is one of the world’s five best violinists. At 40 years old, this PEERLESS musician is as happy as can be. He has always ENJOYED life to the full and is a gifted individual who has built himself a brilliant international career. He gives 120 CONCERTS a year as a soloist and teaches…

Martin Solveig A super daring artist

He is super gifted on the turntables and has become a star on the international music scene. He owes his success to his remarkable talent, his offbeat universe and his many fantasies.

Ode to joy, a question of tempo

– Art & culture – Ode to JoyA question of tempo In 2013, Pharell Williams found the recipe for making the whole world “HAPPY”. Studies reveal that there definitely seems to be a secret when it comes to composing music and creating tunes that hit the spot every time. A magic formula that has been scientifically analyzed by specialists. […]