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Alexandre Vauthier, Naturally daring

Alexandre VauthierNaturally daring The intuitive and authentic haute couture designer Alexandre Vauthier never pulls any tricks, instead revealing women from the depths of inherent sincerity. With him, daring is not a posture and even less a quest, but simply an obvious choice. Your career and your work show a pattern of consistent daring.Do you think […]

Christophe Galfard

– Interview – Christophe Galfard “Scientists are the most daring people on earth”Christophe Galfard has a doctorate in theoretical physics and wrote his thesis on black holes at Cambridge University, under the supervision of the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. In 2015, Lire magazine awarded him the prize for the top science book of the year […]

Géraldine Fasnacht the bird woman

Saturday June 7th 2014. It is midday. The ascent has taken over eight hours. Géraldine Fasnacht is perched at an altitude of 4,478 m. The impending JUMP has been extensively researched.

Prosper Assouline Daring is about being different

– Interview – Prosper AssoulineDaring is about being different, in a personal kind of way In 1994, in the midst of a bleak publishing market, Prosper and Martine Assouline founded the Maison d’Édition Assouline (Assouline Publishing Company). Their enthusiastic, sincere approach went straight to the heart of a public in love with culture and beauty, […]

Jean-Claude Bivert / Daring ?

Can Jean-Claude Biver be described as a visionary? Undoubtedly and much more besides, because if one can safely state that a person has influenced the course of Swiss haute horlogerie…

Martin Solveig A super daring artist

He is super gifted on the turntables and has become a star on the international music scene. He owes his success to his remarkable talent, his offbeat universe and his many fantasies.


It is said that fortune favors those who dare… a popular saying that is now contested by the latest scientific advances made by brain function specialists. Far from being magical or irrational, intuition is a parallel mode of action in the brain…

Artistic daring

Painting, photography, sculpture, movies, literature: no matter what the artistic discipline, it is acknowledged that artists themselves must demonstrate a degree of daring, even though more academic expressions respectful of the established order have always existed…

Elon Musk / Change the world ?

Daring is about taking risks to lead an undertaking that is regarded as not simply difficult but impossible. It requires the courage to surpass one’s limits while never hesitating to transgress conventions and break established rules.

Daring as an excellent health remedy

Wanting to live well for longer and to push back the biological clock is an inherently daring ambition! Cutting-edge scientists in this field demonstrate peerless perseverance in their research. Fortunately, they are gradually being rewarded by the results achieved via genome editing…

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