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Martin Solveigh

a super daring artist

He is super gifted on the turntables and has become a star on the international music scene. He owes his success to his remarkable talent, his offbeat universe and his many fantasies. Equipped with an ultra-developed instinct, Martin Solveig has successfully achieved his childhood dream by making decisions in his career that have been both right and daring. Best known for his hit, Hello, and his collaboration with Madonna, this brilliant French DJ is a man who is both intelligent and surprising.

What is daring in you?
I try to be as daring as possible in order to make progress. I like taking risks and I don’t think one can have a truly creative approach without daring, without the will to question rules, established theories and principles.

Thousands of young people dream of having the same career as you and give it a try. How do you explain your success? 
I can’t really explain it but I think that there is  a huge desire to share music. I have always had fun doing what I do. You have to be different with regard to both your music and your personality. You have to believe in yourself, go for it all out and not ask yourself too many questions.

How do you find your inspiration?
I listen to music for anything between three and ten hours a day, sometimes with a great deal of attention and also in a more detached manner. It is my main source of inspiration. And then there are the hundreds of evenings during which I have had exchanges with different audiences across the world who influence me in making sound that I then want to play.

What artists’ careers have made an impression on you since you started out in music?
Daft Punk, obviously, who I undoubtedly rank amongst musical geniuses. Their sound and the way they present themselves are unique. They challenge the image of the artist by opting for an outfit that protects them from the passing of time and sets them apart foroever. The other more recent example that I’d like to bring up is Skrillex, who successfully virtually invented a whole new way of producing music.

Who is the most daring artist in your opinion?
Unquestionably Madonna. I am not sure that another pop artist will ever come close to her in terms of daring.

Apart from music, what are your passions?
Economics, philosophy, oenology, football and tennis.

You travel a lot and you have always had to be forward-thinking in your profession. Which country, in your opinion, is ahead of the others?
That depends on the subject. With regard to organization of work, I think that South-East Asia has a thoroughly modern approach. In terms of what is truly avant-garde, California is the place where young people are raised with a positive mentality that makes them forge ahead.
When it comes to gastronomy, France has an amazing capacity for innovation. And as far as the environment is concerned, I think that the Germans and the Scandinavian countries are very good at taking a forward-thinking approach. 


By Anne-Marie Clerc


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