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Franck Sorbier, art and light

Franck Sorbier,art and light A Poet of Haute CoutureDuring a dinner with friends, Franck Sorbier met Laurent Vernat, Marketing Manager at Intel, who was looking for artists seeking to develop projects related to advanced technologies in the context of “The Creators Project” program. They hit it off so well that, a few months later, the fashion […]

Sonia Sieff

Spotlight on black and whiteCarte blanche to photographer Sonia Sieff Slim and beautiful Sonia Sieff has the natural grace that is the stuff of photographers’ dreams. Yet her place is firmly behind the lens, where she composes images that resemble her: lively, smooth, accurate, filled with lightness and intensity. Her fast, well-modulated diction conveys her […]

Shedding light on the ruby, the sapphire and the emerald

Shedding light on the ruby, the sapphire and the emerald Their sparkle captivates us, their beauty knocks us sideways. How does one recognize a rare or stellar stone? How does one reveal its scintillating brilliance? A journey to the land of color, light and rarity. The value of a ruby, a sapphire or an emerald […]

When nature lights up the magic

When nature lights up the magic Our ancestors believed in supernatural phenomena and in the immense power of the occult powers that were beyond their comprehension. Legends, myths, mysterious signs from elsewhere… Let there be light! Scientists have long since sought to decipher the wonders of natural light that remain as fascinating as ever. So […]

Health and beauty

Health & Beautyexpert advice Both mentally and physically, light is a source of precious energy for our wellbeing. It has an impact on our sleep and our mental state, as well as our ability to concentrate. Medicine is currently investigating promising light-based treatment opportunities in order to fight certain neurodegenerative diseases, given that it is now […]

Virginie Sueres

Virginie Sueres,transparently “I was born in a wonderful garden near Toulouse”, confides Virginie Sueres, who spent her childhood observing flowers, trees and plants. Her first films capture the stunning beauty surrounding her in the most natural possible way. Over the years, she developed a close relationship with plant life, infiltrating their very matter and revealing […]

Color first and foremost…

Color first and foremost… Matured in the darkness of the cellar, wine definitely prefers shadow to light. And yet, it is thanks to light that its mysteries are revealed. In order to discover a wine, one needs to exit the darkness of the cellar and take it into the light. Long before odor and taste, […]

The age of enlightenment

The age of enlightenment or a culinary revolution! The Enlightenment marked a turning point in the history of gastronomy. While the era was characterized by peace, there was definitely a revolution going on in the domain of cuisine. Attempting, daring, experimenting, testing… these are the verbs that best convey the spirit of the age. Illustration […]

Enlightened visions

Enlightened visionsin the realm of contemporary art Elusive, difficult to reproduce and capture, light remains an enduring challenge for today’s artists. Filled with powerful symbolism, light associated with power since the very beginning of Antiquity has been regarded as of divine essence. A mystery that has given rise to new expressions since the 1950s, including with […]

Glass Roofs in the heart of Paris

Glass Roofs in the heart of Paris  Paris is known at the Ville Lumière, a nickname stemming from its historical role as the capital of the Enlightenment and variously translated in English as the City of Light or the City of Lights. To magnify its inherently luminous nature, the French capital has a unique array […]