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Nathalie Obadia – Gallery Owner

Passionate about art since childhood, Nathalie Obadia is a gallery owner who finds fulfilment in a profession that she loves as much as ever. For her artists, she aspires to the finest places on the international art scene.

Carole Talon-Hugon – Art in questions

What can be said about art as it now is? Can it still be defined; and can a single word encompass the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the avant-garde and our contemporary era? Have we reached an artistic impasse or are there still territories to explore? Together with Carole Talon-Hugon, let’s travel between centuries, dictates, emotions, evolutions, revolutions and questions.

Bertrand Piccard

– Interview – Bertrand Piccard“ The only way to fail is not to try!” Psychiatrist and explorer Bertrand Piccard is the worthy heir to a line of scientists who set out to conquer space and the oceans. Son of an oceanographer who explored the depths and grandson of the first man to have reached the […]

Hervé Le Guyader

– Interview – Hervé Le GuyaderProtecting biodiversity is the is the challenge of our generation    Emeritus professor of evolutionary biology at Sorbonne University, former Director of the Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity research unit* and author of several books on the theme of biodiversity,  Hervé Le Guyader looks at the world of living organisms from the perspective of a specialist, who sees […]

Véronique Forge-Karibian – Formidable charm

With Business O Féminin, she sends the active woman a message of freedom, giving her the keys to success in her professional life.

Who really is Yannick Bolloré?

He is the brilliant 39-year-old is CEO of Havas and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vivendi.

Mike Horn – A living legend

At 52 years of age, this extraordinary adventurer is always ready to take on new challenges.

Sarah Marquis – Freedom is a choice

An explorer for National Geographic and named Adventurer of the Year in 2013, Sarah Marquis is one of the world’s top ten adventure giants.

Boris Cyrulnik – The freedom to reinvent oneself

Psychiastrist and psychoanalyst, Boris Cyrulnik is renowned for his writings on resilience.

Jean Todt – A perpetual winner

This determined individual has always sought to pursue his career without taking any wrong turns.

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