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Wellness & Health

Developing one’s health potential

– Health & wellness – Developing one’s health potential Living longer in optimal physical and mental condition; improving vitality, appearance and performance… The Clinique Nescens’s Reset Treatment Program takes advantage of the latest advances in lifestyle medicine to reset the body, replenish its energy and increase its resistance as well as its competitiveness. An interview […]

Freedom at a very early age

Learning freedom could well be the most beautiful gift that parents can give to their children…

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology looks set to be the next industrial revolution.

Dr Goranka Tanackovic

Knowing one’s genome used to be the stuff of science fiction. Progress has been spectacular, and one can well imagine that in the near future, everyone will have access to all or part of their personal information.

Daring as an excellent health remedy

Wanting to live well for longer and to push back the biological clock is an inherently daring ambition! Cutting-edge scientists in this field demonstrate peerless perseverance in their research. Fortunately, they are gradually being rewarded by the results achieved via genome editing…

Good-looking “oldies”, a new trend

Good-looking “oldies”, a new trend An established reference figure in the realm of aesthetic surgery, this practitioner is seeing a change in his patients’ relationship to age. Remaining young at any cost appears outdated. Intent on appearing natural, patients want to intervene in a controlled, discreet fashion, without ever transforming themselves. ©FotoliaSENIOR POWERThe truth always catches […]

Health and beauty

Health & Beautyexpert advice Both mentally and physically, light is a source of precious energy for our wellbeing. It has an impact on our sleep and our mental state, as well as our ability to concentrate. Medicine is currently investigating promising light-based treatment opportunities in order to fight certain neurodegenerative diseases, given that it is now […]

Aging youthfully and more if possible

Aging youthfully and more if possible The most recent scientific discoveries and latest developments in digital technologies open up staggering prospects in the realm of health and longevity. Eternal life… an ancient fantasy which leaves nobody indifferent. The idea that aging could be a reversible phenomenon and that as of today one can stack the […]