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Art: Luxury’s new weapon of seduction

Flaubert got it right when he stated: “Art is a luxury”. These close affinities between art and luxury were not born out of a marketing trend and have always existed, deeply rooted and in essence almost inseparable Today, luxury is abolishing the narrow gap between the two worlds and reinforcing the desirability and prestige of a sector considered overly materialistic. Is luxury treating itself to a more soulful flair by means of art?

Will Green Tech make the planet turn more smoothly?

– Trends – Will Green Tech makethe planet turn more smoothly? Who would have predicted the alliance between nature and digital technology? The borders between real and virtual are becoming increasingly blurred, thus confi rming the emergence of a new world. So much so that the emergence of an ecosystem at the intersection between technological innovations and […]

Feminity adopts a change of look

The second female emancipation in fashion is definitely on the march.

Does being free mean being alone?

Alone in the world. For some, this is a luxury, which modern lifestyles have rendered unattainable. For others, it is a nightmare.

Alexandre de Betak – Luxury brands

The “Fellini of the catwalks” is a unique case in the world of fashion and design.

Perfect harmony in slow motion

How does one make a well-considered decision between outside social demands and one’s deepest desires and needs, working out how to find authentic fulfilment?

Map of planet Luxury

Thomas Mondo decyphers the strengths and particularities of the five big groups composing the luxury universe.


The art of eloquence or persuasion, rhetoric is talked about as much as it fascinates.

Tourism & Authenticity

The need for a real sense of escapism has never been so keenly felt, and the wish to discover places in a different way – and to grasp their full authenticity – is becoming a non-negotiable demand for travel aesthetes.

#Nofilter, the truth about fakes

What place is there for authenticity on social media? While almost everyone has their digital double on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, how faithful is the copy to the original?

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