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Photographer, director and ardent defender of the planet, he is at the head of the “Good Planet” Foundation.

Xavier Pavie – Thinking through innovation

Xavier Pavie invites us to think through innovation upstream, in order to maintain control of our progress.

Lara Gut – Star of the snow

She is an athlete like no other. Lara Gut is not only an exceptional ski champion but also a remarkably brilliant woman.

Olivier Auroy – In the name of excellence

Olivier Auroy is a ‘namer’ who has christened a number of major brands.

Christopher Baldelli – Positive waves

Christopher Baldelli is a successful man and curiosity is a positive character trait in this discreet high achiever

Mathilde Laurent – She exudes happiness

Regarded as one of the most reputed ‘noses’ in the world, Mathilde Laurent has created some 30 perfumes for Cartier.

Natalie Dessay – Beyond excellence

Building on 30 years spent excelling in the art of opera, Natalie Dessay is now exploring other paths.

Marc Levy – His life is a novel

Back in 2000, nothing predestined him to be the world’s most widely read contemporary French author.

Raphaël Enthoven – The quest for excellence

Is excellence an end in itself, a self-sustaining quest undertaken for its own sake, a path leading to performance?

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is enjoying a spectacular surge, daily reconfiguring every aspect of our lives. It’s a dizzying prospect that also poses a challenge to society and humankind in general.

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