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NTFs: The new rules of the art

Everyone talks about it, often without fully understanding exactly what it is. One thing is for sure: NFTs represented nearly 50 billion dollars of transactions in 2021. So, are NFTs a new Eldorado or a virtual mirage in the art world?

Sci-Fi interview

While innovation is shaking up our daily lives, what challenges will tomorrow bring?

A glossary of innovation

With the advent of technologies, research and innovation, new concepts are regularly emerging…

Luxury and technology

While some applaud the convergence between the highly codified world of luxury and innovation, others view the merging of the two as being entirely debatable.

Digital’s royal blue

The web picked its favorite color when it very first started and took the plunge into an “ocean” of true blue… The major social networks and most of the most popular websites adopted this color.

Human singularity, versus Artificial Intelligence

Human singularityversus Artificial Intelligence At once fascinating and terrifying, Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) has been part of our daily lives for many years already. However, its exponential progress is raising mindboggling questions. How long can humankind expect to remain the dominant species on the planet? Superior intelligenceUntil recently, scientists were convinced that human […]

Elon Musk / Change the world ?

Daring is about taking risks to lead an undertaking that is regarded as not simply difficult but impossible. It requires the courage to surpass one’s limits while never hesitating to transgress conventions and break established rules.