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Tony Parker & Michel Reybier

An obvious meeting of minds

Schweizerhof Zermatt – An iconic new destination

The acquisition of this legendary hotel marks the beginning of a brand-new story.

France’s last gold-beater

Since 1834, the Maison Dauvet has been perpetuating an age-old craft. Gold beaten flat into thin sheets called gold leaf was used for the first sovereigns of Egypt as well as in India in the early days of Buddhism.

Lacework entwined with innovation

Drawing his most daring inspiration from ancestral skills, Tzuri Gueta offers a modern take on the flowing and sensual beauty of lacework.

Crystal and the art of enhancing glass

Crystal is a type of glass made of the purest sand, potassium carbonate and iron oxide melted at 1,400°C. To earn the right to be called crystal, its lead content must be between 30 and 40%. Color is introduced using cobalt for blue, for example, or copper with gold chloride for red… The Maison Daum in France and Vetrofuso in Italy are masters at enhancing it. Two different ways of working involving a degree of skill that will knock you sideways!


It is said that fortune favors those who dare… a popular saying that is now contested by the latest scientific advances made by brain function specialists. Far from being magical or irrational, intuition is a parallel mode of action in the brain…

Natural beauty

Natural Beautyten places, ten colors The world is a beautiful place! An obvious truth of which we sometimes still need reminding… In this edition devoted to beauty, we have decided to make our own, obviously completely arbitrary selection of ten breathtakingly colorful natural sites. TOO BEAUTIFUL…At a time when more than 2,000 photographs are published […]

Beauty and utility: it’s all about design

Beauty and utility: it’s all about design More than ever, we live in an object-filled world. Objects born of human intelligence and from our own highly particular gift for simplifying our lives. In a word: progress! The special 25th anniversary white citrus squeezer by Starck. Juicy Salif, Alessi, 2015DESIGN ME A FUNCTION…An object, a form, a function. […]

When nature lights up the magic

When nature lights up the magic Our ancestors believed in supernatural phenomena and in the immense power of the occult powers that were beyond their comprehension. Legends, myths, mysterious signs from elsewhere… Let there be light! Scientists have long since sought to decipher the wonders of natural light that remain as fascinating as ever. So […]

Glass Roofs in the heart of Paris

Glass Roofs in the heart of Paris  Paris is known at the Ville Lumière, a nickname stemming from its historical role as the capital of the Enlightenment and variously translated in English as the City of Light or the City of Lights. To magnify its inherently luminous nature, the French capital has a unique array […]