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The epicurean experience

When “IT” arrives, every sense is on the ALERT. The epicurean’s excitement is at its peak.

Whether the joy of discovery or a memory in the back of the mind, the end result is the same: joy and happiness mingle and intermingle. First the gaze settles on it. It may be artistic and appeal to the eye, it may be rustic but promising: it will in any case be something unique for every enthusiast. The scents wafting from it provide olfactory stimulation. These are the first steps towards the journey on which one is to embark.
The true gourmet is moved to a state of bliss familiar only to food lovers. Knife and fork in hand, the feast begins! The first mouthful gets the party started. Tastebuds are pampered and if the mix is right, one by one the ingredients are revealed and blend in perfect harmony. Epicureans find what they are looking for and are eager for more. Paradoxically, given the domain, there is no single recipe for achieving this result. The range of possibilities stretches to infinity, whether it is produced by a Michelin starred chef or a one-off cook. Each individual has their own tastes.

“It” is of course the dish, be it a gourmet masterpiece that can be savored at the best restaurants or traditional cuisine that often takes us back to our childhood. Blue lobster ravioli, an authentic rum baba on the one hand, homemade mash potato or a fondue on the other. The list of festivities is endless and just thinking about it whets the appetite! Yet for true foodies, hunger becomes secondary. What counts is the joy the dish will bring them when they taste it, and the greatest piece of luck these culinary aesthetes enjoy is the knowledge that they will never be sated, since the world is a gourmet laboratory!

Visual excerpts from the menu of Le Loti by Virginie Basselot, winner of the 2015 M.O.F. “Best French Artisan” award in the cuisine-gastronomy specialty and newly appointed Executive Chef at La Réserve Genève.

y Valérie Blanc

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