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Nelly Saunier Wings of Bliss

“Bonjour, bonjour les hirondelles!” (Greetings, greetings the swallows!). For Nelly Saunier, FEATHER artist, joy is like CHARLES TRENET’s song “Il y a de la joie”. Airy and poetic, it flies above our heads like a daydream.

Is fashion a kill-joy?

A parade of sad girls, stylists on the verge of burn-out, dark colors, stark shapes… Why is fashion often the victim of chronic neurasthenia? Is despair a saleable commodity? Happilythere are those who successfully advocate another vision of style that is sunnier, happier and more positive.

Frédéric Lenoir ““Inner progress is a source of joy””

Philosopher, author of a large number of essays and managing editor for “Le Monde des religions” from 2004 to 2013, Frédéric Lenoir had his latest book La Puissance de la joie published by Fayard in 2015.

The epicurean experience

When “it” arrives, every sense is on the alert. The epicurean’s excitement is at its peak. Whether the joy of discovery or a memory in the back of the mind, the end result is the same: joy and happiness…

Lacking for nothing!

Staying in an apartment at La Réserve Paris is just like being at home – but in the heart of a capital that is as fashionable as it is romantic!

The spice route comes to Paris!

The winner of two stars for Le Gabriel Restaurant, Executive Chef Jérôme Banctel offers endless delight with the opening of La Pagode de Cos, a tribute to the Cos d’Estournel

A privileged Bordeaux getaway

A Bordeaux getaway is always a treat for a foodie! And becomes a veritable privilege with a stop off at the Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel.

Maintain your youthfulness!

Combine a stay in Interlaken in front of the majestic Jungfrau with a customized better-aging program at the Nescens spa in the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

A fondue? Yes, but…

Eating a fondue in Switzerland is a must. And it’s even better when it differs from the norm and is served outside without a trace of winter chills.

Our address book

We’ve located a list of places in Geneva, Paris or Zurich that bring a smile to our lips and put a spring in our step!

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