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Natural Beauty

ten places, ten colors

The world is a beautiful place! An obvious truth of which we sometimes still need reminding… In this edition devoted to beauty, we have decided to make our own, obviously completely arbitrary selection of ten breathtakingly colorful natural sites.


At a time when more than 2,000 photographs are published every second on Instagram*, the comment ”Like” has become a digital cliché that we could willingly do without. So we have deliberately chosen to offer you an unexpected and thoroughly eclectic visit through planet Earth’s garden. Here is our “best of” list of glorious technicolor places in the real world…

*The Next Web by Grant Munro: “Why Instagram should be part of any business.”


J.P Ferrero/Auscape/Minden Pictures


Lake Hillier, Australia

While its candy pink color remains a total mystery, the presence of certain bacteria in salt deposits appears to be the most plausible explanation according to scientists. It doesn’t really matter, the only thing that does is the sight of this water with its incredible hue that can only be admired from the sky when flying over Middle Island just off Esperance.




Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

At Kitakyushu, five hours from Tokyo, the Kawachi Fuji botanical garden is transformed into a Garden of Eden every spring thanks to the flowering wisteria, sacred flower of Buddhists. The 80 m long Wisteria Tunnel is a fairylike path that must be explored for the experience of walking under a floral sky offering 50 different shades of purple, pink and white…


© J-L. Cabello


General Carrera Lake, Buenos Aires Lake, South America

Located in the heart of Patagonia, this lake is shared between Argentina and Chile, hence its two names. Of glacial origin, the lake has unbelievably crystal blue waters and is home to several islands sculpted by erosion. A boat excursion reveals the “marble cathedrals” which in reality are magnificent caves made of calcium carbonate, illuminated by sunlight filtering inside.




Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

At Vik in southern Iceland, one has to brave the wind and rain to reach this sublime end of the world, inhabited by puffins and seagulls. Don’t even think of catching a tan… On the other hand, the sight of this immense volcanic beach made of black sand at the bottom of a large cliff spiked with basalt columns is enough to make anyone catch their breath. Off the coast, one can see the rocky pinnacles of Reynisdrangar shaped by the wind.




Panjin Red Beach in China

A sandless beach taken over by Sueda, a sea grass whose green color turns scarlet in the fall! Unique in the world, this protected area is nonetheless partly accessible to visitors. The Liaohe delta, a wetland in northern China, represents a rare ecosystem with a great many bird species including the endangered black-crowned crane.


© T.Rawski


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

With a surface area of 10,582 km2, this is the largest salt flat in the world, located at an altitude of 3,650 m in the Bolivian highlands. The result of a giant prehistoric lake that dried up, it contains 10 billion tons of salt, which is what gives it the immaculate white color that appears to disappear into infinity. Flamingos gather here like a mirage!




Tokaj-Hétszölö vineyard, Hungary

Formerly an imperial estate consisting of the seven best Mont-Tokaj vineyards (Hét Szölö in Hungarian), the prestigious Tokaj-Hétszölö Estate is part of the Michel Reybier vineyards. Perpetuating the noblest traditions, this historic vineyard continues to produce exceptional wines, protected by the first registered designation of origin ever granted in the world, in 1730.




Trolltunga, Norway

“Troll’s tongue” is the name that sets the scene for this rock perched 1,000 m above the waters of Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The long and far from easy walk to reach the tip of the tongue is part of the great classics in the Norwegian fjords. Both staggering and magical!




Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone (USA)

A huge bowl of water at 70°C! This 37 m deep natural crater is the biggest hot water spring in the United States. The surreal colors of the thousands of liters of water that rise continuously from the depths of the Earth are the result of an eco-system of micro-organisms and bacteria which flourish in this mesmerizing environment…




The Wave in Arizona (USA)

An incredibly fragile marvel and therefore carefully guarded… On the border of Utah and Arizona, the wind has shaped the red rock of Colorado into wave-like patterns, whose colors change depending on the light. The impression of movement frozen for all eternity is captivating. Just 20 people are allowed to visit the site every day via a lottery held on site and online.

By Anne-Marie Clerc

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