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Inès de la Fressange

Inès de la FressangeIN FULL STRIDE She is as tall as she is stunning from top to toe of her six-foot frame. But Inès is not simply perfect from a physical perspective, she is also a global fashion icon. Gifted with exceptional talent, she recognizes trends and discerns everything that is aesthetically appealing. Inès de la Fressange […]

The perception of feminine beauty

The perception of feminine beauty is governed by culture While beauty is eminently subjective and very much “in the eye of the beholder”, the notion of feminine beauty has greatly evolved over the centuries. What similarities can one possibly hope to find between Botticelli’s Venus and the corseted courtesans of Versailles, between Rubens’ voluptuous nudes […]

Charles Pépin

Charles Pépin«The effect that beauty has on us is not superficial» Philosopher, novelist and journalist, Charles Pépin has authored ten or so books that have been translated in many languages. Through his work titled “Quand la beauté nous sauve” (When beauty saves us) he invites us to look up to beauty as a way of experiencing a meaningful encounter with […]

Natural beauty

Natural Beautyten places, ten colors The world is a beautiful place! An obvious truth of which we sometimes still need reminding… In this edition devoted to beauty, we have decided to make our own, obviously completely arbitrary selection of ten breathtakingly colorful natural sites. TOO BEAUTIFUL…At a time when more than 2,000 photographs are published […]

When sights sets taste buds spinning

When sights sets taste buds spinning The way a dish is presented may turn out to be more than just a visual sleight of hand, instead playing a key role in contemporary cuisine. Has aestheticism become a decisive factor in gastronomy? We eat with our eyes before anything else and it is undoubtedly the first […]

Beauty and utility: it’s all about design

Beauty and utility: it’s all about design More than ever, we live in an object-filled world. Objects born of human intelligence and from our own highly particular gift for simplifying our lives. In a word: progress! The special 25th anniversary white citrus squeezer by Starck. Juicy Salif, Alessi, 2015DESIGN ME A FUNCTION…An object, a form, a function. […]

Good-looking “oldies”, a new trend

Good-looking “oldies”, a new trend An established reference figure in the realm of aesthetic surgery, this practitioner is seeing a change in his patients’ relationship to age. Remaining young at any cost appears outdated. Intent on appearing natural, patients want to intervene in a controlled, discreet fashion, without ever transforming themselves. ©FotoliaSENIOR POWERThe truth always catches […]

Vincent Perez

Vincent PerezSeizing the grace of the moment After studying photography in Vevey, Vincent Perez began carving out a stage and screen career. Years later, he came across a box of forgotten photos and an eager passion was again stirred. Ever since, he has constantly been allowing his gaze to wander around the world and human […]