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Design: Art for living

Draw me an art object… At the crossroads of art and craft, aesthetics and functionality, design is both an art of living and an art to be lived. Today, the original creations of some star designers are exhibited in museums and regularly break records at auction, proving that applied arts are indeed an art form in their own right.

Cerise Doucède, photographic poems

Cerise Doucède,Photographic poems Scenographer and photographer, Cerise Doucède invents weightless poems and turns them into incredibly original, dreamy images. How did you get the idea of objects in suspension?I had a dream about an open book with pages fluttering away from it. The image fascinated me, so I reproduced it in my living room and tried […]

Mika, beyond codes, beyond conventions

– Interview – Mika,beyond codes, beyond conventions A dandy with a light touch also given to profound reflection, Mika brings us flamboyant and singular pop music. Behind the extrovert lies a discreet and sensitive man endowed with incredible talent and unspoiled sincerity. Is originality superficial?No, and those who think so have a caricature-like vision of it or imagine […]

Chloé Bolloré

– Portfolio – Chloé Bolloréand her original works Chloé Bolloré is a sparkling, dynamic and creative young woman. She makes pictures composed of photos forming image mosaics that can be perceived on two levels. From a distance, one sees a given face or figure, while a close-up look reveals hundreds of small photos. Her distinctive […]