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Alain Prost His family, a victory !

– Interview – Alain ProstHis family, a victory After a brilliant career and four Formula 1 world championship titles, ALAIN PROST (61) is enjoying his life on the shores of Switzerland’s Lake Geneva to the full. At the peak of his fame, he enjoyed countless joy-filled moments and these days, although his priorities have changed, his happiness […]

JR rocks the world

– Art & culture – JRrocks the world With the same elation as a mischievous KID that has found a concealed door at the back of the school courtyard, JR opens up windows of joy in the walls of daily life. Since 2004, this Parisian photographer has been creating GIANT COLLAGES all over the world […]

Feel good movies, good vibrations

– Art & culture – Feel good moviesgood vibrations The Americans regard them as a genre in their own right: those “feel good movies” that make us – well – FEEL GOOD, first and foremost bringing a smile to our lips. They aren’t necessarily masterpieces of the 7th art even if some are, but instead […]

Renaud Capuçon – Joyful man

Renaud Capuçon is one of the world’s five best violinists. At 40 years old, this PEERLESS musician is as happy as can be. He has always ENJOYED life to the full and is a gifted individual who has built himself a brilliant international career. He gives 120 CONCERTS a year as a soloist and teaches…

Piero Biasion Jubilant catwalks

A fan of art, through photography, Piero Biasion has found the means to connect with all forms of creation. Familiar with the catwalks, he frequently turns his lens to focus “backstage” to capture life and emotion in its sincerest

Laeti de Flo / How about inventing joy?

A name that means “joy” and a childhood in Bougival spent being raised on the history of the impressionists.

Pierre Rainero Meaningful jewelry

– Interview – Pierre RaineroMeaningful jewelry Be it on the finger, neck or wrist, the stones we wear reflect the many different aspects of our personality. JEWELRY can have different meanings. In order to create these precious objects, careful design work is required before starting the manufacturing process. We interviewed Pierre Rainero, director of image, heritage […]

Christine Nagel The art of Fragrance

– Interview – Christine Nagelthe art of fragrance A native of Geneva, CHRISTINE NAGEL is a perfumer, more commonly known as “A NOSE”! The creator of successful perfumes for Cartier, amongst others, she is currently the exclusive creative perfume-maker for La Maison Hermès. “To be a perfumer means sharing one’s inspirations and giving JOY”, but what […]

Ode to joy, a question of tempo

– Art & culture – Ode to JoyA question of tempo In 2013, Pharell Williams found the recipe for making the whole world “HAPPY”. Studies reveal that there definitely seems to be a secret when it comes to composing music and creating tunes that hit the spot every time. A magic formula that has been scientifically analyzed by specialists. […]

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