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Sabato Visconti’s
digital accidents

A postmodern artist nurtured by web culture, Sabato Visconti practices Glitch Art, which consists in provoking computer errors to deconstruct the aesthetic logic of images and liberate the unpredictable beauty of digital accidents.

How did you come to explore glitches?
Around eight years ago, one of my photographer friends showed me his malfunctioning compact flash memory card that was corrupting images. I found it so fascinating that I decided I wanted to create these glitches myself by editing the code of the images.

Is your creative process a well-kept secret?
Not at all, Glitch Art has a very open culture and its followers do not hesitate to share their trade secrets.

Can you explain to us the process involved in making one of your series, such as the “Hartford Fashion Week 3”?
Sure. I made these images using software that enables me to convert photos into 3D files. I had fun cutting them into separate layers, which I opened in a hex code editor. Each one reacted differently: some generated digital errors, while others did not.

The result resembles strange collages that are fascinating in their imperfection. My work is an artistic collaboration with technology.

What does your approach tell us about our time?
I am obsessed with the idea that we are living in systems (political, economic, climatic...) that are increasingly designed to fail. Through my visual language, I try to show the unexpected beauty that emerges when we push the boundaries and free ourselves from “codes”.


Based on an interview by Michèle Wouters

Serie “City of Vapors” – 2015

Serie “Hartford Fashion Week” – 2018

Serie “Hartford Fashion Week” – 2018

Serie “Accidental Compositions”

Serie “Hartford Fashion Week” – 2018

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