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Carole Bouquet

Actress and winemaker, Carole Bouquet is not just a stunningly beautiful celebrity. She is also endowed with remarkable strength and a winning spirit. An encounter with a passionate, sophisticated fighter characterized by her unfailing charm.

You are both an actress and a winemaker. Do you have a preference for either occupation?

No, not really, I like doing both. The only thing I don’t like is sales and promotional stuff which I am not comfortable with as it requires talking and convincing. Unfortunately these elements are a must in both my professions.

Are these dreams that you have accomplished or was it fate that decided on your behalf?
Fate is a great provider. When it came to my first movie role, I was still at the Conservatoire and I was offered a role in a lm. As regards wine, I bought land after I fell in love with a place and became involved in winemaking.

Any conversation about you is filled with compliments, starting with those focused on your beauty. What touches you the most?

I’m not sure that people always say nice things about me. I never read what is being said in this regard. As far as beauty is concerned, it’s a gift from heaven, I didn’t create it and therefore I can’t take any credit!

Why did you choose the Island of Pantelleria in southern Sicily to launch your “Le Sangue d’Oro” wine?
About 20 years ago I was looking for a house to spend summer holidays with the family. My friend Isabella Rossellini told me about a magic place. I took her advice and we went there and I fell in love with the island.

How did you develop a taste for wine?

It’s strange but in the beginning I didn’t like wine at all and I never drank it. The change came about one evening. I was eating in a restaurant with the father of my eldest son, Jean-Pierre Rassam. I must have been 21 years old and I tasted a glass of Haut-Brion. I loved the taste and I decided that I had deprived myself of this pleasure!

Was it difficult for you to launch your wine?

Yes, a bit. In the beginning, nobody believed in my project but I didn’t give up. I threw myself into taking up the challenge and seeing it through.

Which part of this adventure are you most proud of?
To have succeeded in producing a wine that comes from this magical island and that I really love. It wasn’t easy. When I am starring in a new movie I can say that there wasn’t a good director but when I make wine, if it isn’t excellent, I have only myself to blame!

What is the extent of your involvement in this adventure?
I plan my life so that I can go often but it’s not as much as I would like! Fortunately, I have someone on site who manages everything. I bought the first two hectares from this man and he subsequently helped me purchase the other 18 hectares.

Is your wine sold all over the world?

No, unfortunately that’s impossible. I can only produce 14,000 bottles a year. This corresponds to one glass of wine per vine. It’s like haute couture: it takes a long time to make and is very painstaking work. It’s not easy, because to produce a quality vintage one can only use a third of the harvest.

You’ve just celebrated your 60th birthday. How do you plan to start this new decade? What plans do you have?
I would just like to continue living my life as I have always done. It’s already amazing and that’s enough for me.

What makes you happy in your everyday life?

The simplest possible things. I love strolling through Paris, shopping, talking to shopkeepers... That suits me perfectly and I wouldn’t want to change my habits and lifestyle, both of which are really rooted in very basic things. I also adore good food. Eating and indulging is a real pleasure!

With hindsight and looking at your career, one might say that you are an eternal optimist. Is that so?
If that’s the image I present that’s great! It’s dif cult to complain when you have a profession like mine. But like everyone, there are good and bad days. And especially at 60 years old, life isn’t always fun but I try to remain positive.

The theme of this magazine is color. Do you have a special favorite and if so, why?

De nitely yellow! To me it represents the sun, light, The Thousand and One Nights, in a word, happiness!


Based on an interview by Anouk Julien-Blanco

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