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Art in all its forms

How does Yves michaud envisage the future of art?

Natalie Dessay – Beyond excellence

Building on 30 years spent excelling in the art of opera, Natalie Dessay is now exploring other paths.

Crystal and the art of enhancing glass

Crystal is a type of glass made of the purest sand, potassium carbonate and iron oxide melted at 1,400°C. To earn the right to be called crystal, its lead content must be between 30 and 40%. Color is introduced using cobalt for blue, for example, or copper with gold chloride for red… The Maison Daum in France and Vetrofuso in Italy are masters at enhancing it. Two different ways of working involving a degree of skill that will knock you sideways!

Cerise Doucède, photographic poems

Cerise Doucède,Photographic poems Scenographer and photographer, Cerise Doucède invents weightless poems and turns them into incredibly original, dreamy images. How did you get the idea of objects in suspension?I had a dream about an open book with pages fluttering away from it. The image fascinated me, so I reproduced it in my living room and tried […]

Franck Sorbier, art and light

Franck Sorbier,art and light A Poet of Haute CoutureDuring a dinner with friends, Franck Sorbier met Laurent Vernat, Marketing Manager at Intel, who was looking for artists seeking to develop projects related to advanced technologies in the context of “The Creators Project” program. They hit it off so well that, a few months later, the fashion […]

Street art, wall to wall creativity

Street art,wall to wall creativity Now almost 50 years young, street art remains a fertile breeding ground for contemporary creation but is experiencing a veritable teenage crisis… Illegally born and nurtured by clandestine living, urban art is now facing the temptations of fame as it is courted by official artistic institutions. How can it find […]

Soulages, the master of Outrenoir

Soulages, the master of Outrenoir Soulages has his own museum – a true marvel. At 95 years old, one of the greatest abstract painters in the world and undoubtedly the greatest French painter of his day is being celebrated in his home town of Rodez. Through his work, Pierre Soulages has captured light and tirelessly explored […]