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Raphaël Enthoven

– Interview – Raphaël Enthoven a philosophical stroll around the theme of wonderment Accurate wording, fast-paced delivery, thought patterns that are both deep and airy: Raphaël Enthoven cultivates a close relationship with wonderment. He agreed to discuss his enthusiasm regarding this “fundamental” philosophical subject with us in a captivating and astonishing interview. Professor of philosophy […]

Aging youthfully and more if possible

Aging youthfully and more if possible The most recent scientific discoveries and latest developments in digital technologies open up staggering prospects in the realm of health and longevity. Eternal life… an ancient fantasy which leaves nobody indifferent. The idea that aging could be a reversible phenomenon and that as of today one can stack the […]

Olivier Kuntzel & Florence Deygas

Olivier Kuntzel & Florence DeygasStrokes of genius There are two of them… and each is unique. Their brushes give birth to whole worlds of inventiveness and utter poetry. From the title sequence of Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can movie to the Parisienne in Guerlain’s “Little Black Dress” campaign and on to the “MiCha” […]

Jacques Rougerie, the architect of the sea

Jacques Rougerie, the architect of the sea A passionate realist, a pragmatic dreamer, a visionary turned project manager, Jacques Rougerie has travelled the world, met the peoples of the water, spent a considerable amount of time on subaquatic expeditions and combined his two passions – architecture and oceanography – by devoting his life to them. […]

A glass brimming with joyfulness

– Gastronomy – A glass brimming with joyfulness No party or celebration takes place without champagne – the drink universally regarded as synonymous with special moments and which has been unceasingly loved, adored and savored through the centuries by celebrities and ordinary people alike. What exactly lies behind the bubbles providing such a wondrous feast […]


Crystalcut out for wine Both a miracle and a mirage, crystal conjures up a blend of mystery and magic. A fascinating material that shares an age-old history with wine. Because the famous French expression “qu’importe le flacon, pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse” (Never mind the receptacle, let’s just drink it) would not persuade true connoisseurs who […]