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Schweizerhof Zermatt



Six months of work for a metamorphosis… The acquisition of this legendary hotel by Michel Reybier – the forerunner of a different vision of hospitality alongside La Réserve, Mama Shelter and more recently, MOB Hotels – marks the beginning of a brand-new story.


Here and nowhere else… True mountain lovers’ hearts skip a beat when one mentions prestigious Zermatt. Located on the Italian border of canton Valais, the highest ski area in Europe lives peacefully under the watchful eye of the king of peaks, the majestic 4,478 m Matterhorn. With its easily recognizable pyramid-like shape, it is the most photographed mountain in the world. And the king is not the only one to reign over its white paradise, since Zermatt is surrounded by 37 other Alpine peaks, each one over 4,000 m high. Respect. This awesome, unspoiled natural environment has made Zermatt an exceptional place where a passion for mountains takes precedence above everything else. Spectacular snow-covered slopes, dignified pine trees, a well-preserved village, blue skies 300 days a year, along with pure air largely due to the 1947 law banishing motor vehicles from the village. An authentic dream, shared by the most experienced climbers and downhill skiers alike, as well as the families who come here generation after generation.


Firmly focused on sport, the resort of Zermatt is one of those unspoiled places where every sojourn is a promise of experiencing unique emotions. The Ice Palace and the igloo village between Riffelberg and Gornergrat are amongst the classics. But the thing that really makes thrill seekers tick is the Monte Rosa trail. After being dropped off by helicopter at a height of 4,200 m, the only way out is to ski down to Furri (2,600 m) through incredible scenery. This great classic is a perfect metaphor for the newest address in Zermatt in winter 2018: a taste for challenges, thrills, and above all, a love of being in the mountains. “In my view, each hotel tells a tale and the tale must be legitimate and draw on the location’s own identity. Zermatt is a village in its own league in the Alps and the new Schweizerhof highlights this unique mindset,” explains Michel Reybier, already a partner to the Seiler family and its Mont Cervin Palace and Monte Rosa hotels, who consequently knows Zermatt very well.


A great establishment with an excellent reputation and a history to which a new chapter with modern affinities is being added, the Schweizerhof Zermatt is dedicated to a new and connected generation that is both active and urban. A cosmopolitan tribe which ranges from young families in search of thrills to passionate athletes, on a quest for like-minded places to go. A lifestyle destination that mirrors its time, the Schweizerhof Zermatt epitomizes today’s art of living in the mountains. Only the location in the middle of the resort with its view of the Matterhorn remains unchanged. Everything else has been transformed into a highly contemporary space ideal for families and sports-lovers. The 95 rooms, reception areas and restaurants have been completely revamped by the architect-designer of MOB Hotels epitomizing the new urban nomadism, Kristian Gavoille. The latter has opted for huge open spaces designed to encourage exchanges and fluidity, with informal mini-reception areas for impromptu get-togethers at any time or for listening to live DJ sets in the Lounge Bar in the evenings. Featuring an open kitchen, the restaurant allows chefs to put on a show based on an authentic menu, with meat and fish grilled on a traditional barbecue and organic pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, not to mention old favorites such as Swiss raclette and fondue. Finally, after a day of non-stop skiing, there is nothing more delicious than a break: the indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and the special sports-focused spa menu have all it takes to rest your muscles and recharge your batteries. With its premium yet never arrogant setting, the Schweizerhof Zermatt promises to be the perfect place to relax and reconnect with loved ones or enhance one’s network by encounters with inspirational individuals. With this new establishment, winter 2018-2019 is sure to be right up there.

Schweizerhof Hotel
Bahnofstrasse 5
Tel +41 (0)27 966 00 00

By Anne-Marie Clerc


© cdbrphotography

© K. Gavoille - D.R.

© P. Rodrigues

© AleksandarNakic

© LeeYiuTung

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