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- Édito -

The art... of living

Art overturns our certainties, giving us the chance to enrich ourselves with new knowledge and to hone our intellectual curiosity as well as our critical thinking. More than anything, art invites us to exercise freedom of thought and nothing is more precious. I am therefore delighted to connect with you again for this issue – no. 28 – dedicated to art in its many different dimensions and multiple expressions.

We ourselves are artisans of the art of living, determined to bring that extra something and authentic meaning to the experiences we offer you.

Just like exercise or healthy, tasty cuisine, art and culture play an important role in my vision and are part of my holistic vision of wellness. These therefore naturally find their place in our establishments. I am notably thinking of our libraries and our twice-yearly literary prize, our temporary art exhibitions, our interior decoration bearing the signature of renowned designers, as well as the beautiful and delicious dishes created by our chefs.

On every occasion, we try in our own modest way to give artistic added value to our core business. All these initiatives are definitely part of the art of living that we are so happy to share with you.

Michel Reybier

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