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Richard Orlinski

One of the world’s most FAMOUS contemporary artists


His pop art-inspired works are magical, timeless and often monumental. Flash panthers in Miami, huge gorillas on La Croisette in Cannes, a giant shoe in Ibiza, a wolf howling on the ski slopes of Courchevel, fluorescent crocodiles at La Réserve Genève: wherever he goes, this trendsetter has a gift for astonishing observers.

What part would you say daring plays in your career?

My entire career has been daring. I’ve never been supported or helped and I’ve taken risks by venturing into the unknown. There were no guarantees of success when I started out, but I believe life is a playground. It’s not easy to make a living from art, but in the end I have achieved my goals.

How and when did you first feel the urge to sculpt?

I took pottery classes at the age of four and I used to give my creations to my mother. I reproduced all kinds of animals and especially dinosaurs. Then I stopped because girls didn’t like it and I started playing the guitar which was far more glamorous! But when I turned 22, I felt like beginning to sculpt again, just for fun. And one day, I decided I could try and do it professionally! In 2006, I exhibited for the first time at Artcurial in Paris and met with instant success. In less than a month, I sold 20 sculptures!
Art contemporain, scluptures, Richard Orlinski, animaux, pop

Hippo © R. Orlinski - DR

À votre avis,
à quoi est dû
votre succès
planétaire ?

Je suis un artiste populaire et ce qui est fabuleux c’est que tout le monde peut comprendre mon sens artistique. Les enfants sont les premiers fans de mes œuvres. Je veux partager tout ce que je fais. Je tiens à exposer un maximum pour que des personnes de toutes classes sociales puissent connaître mes œuvres. C’est très important pour moi, je souhaite absolument être accessible. Mon but est d’atteindre le plus grand nombre quand je réalise une œuvre.


Richard Orlinski © DR

Wild Kong




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