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Both mentally and physically, light is a source of precious energy for our wellbeing. It has an impact on our sleep and our mental state, as well as our ability to concentrate. Medicine is currently investigating promising light-based treatment opportunities in order to fight certain neurodegenerative diseases, given that it is now established that light may be regarded as a form of medication. Meanwhile, laser technology offers another type of treatment founded on the principle of light to preserve the beauty of the skin…


Why does one feel full of energy in summer, and more lethargic in winter? Why are we so sensitive to jetlag? Quite simply because daylight regulates our internal biological clock and our circadian rhythm. Chronobiology largely governs our bodily functioning based on a 24-hour clock, whose main benchmark is light, which enables it to resynchronize continuously. In this way, the morning light stimulates the production of cortisol (the awakening response hormone) and serotonin (the good mood hormone). It gives our bodies the signal to wake up and get ready to be active after the night’s rest. Conversely, nightfall tells our bodies that it is time to be less active and to relax in order to prepare for a good night’s sleep. The body begins to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. This is the reason that why sleep- and mood-related problems are frequently treated these days with light therapy, notably in Scandinavian countries which are subject to a lack of light in winter.


A veritable energy booster, the sun has an energizing and even euphoric effect on certain people who are particularly sensitive. Exposure to the sun’s rays often fuels the morale and by the same token enables synthesis of vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones… It is indeed worth noting that 15 minutes of sunlight a day is more than enough to achieve these aims. A friend in small doses, the sun becomes an enemy in case of over-frequent exposure! It is thought that UVA and UVB rays are responsible for 80% of the skin’s aging, not to mention skin cancers that are constantly on the increase. Sun protection is therefore required both winter and summer alike in order to protect the skin, because UVA rays are present all year round and find their way through both clouds and windows.


A glowing skin is the result of the quantity and quality of light reflected by the skin. As a result, the smoother the skin, the better it reflects the light… Wrinkles, marks and skin defects resulting from age alter this natural ability that is the hallmark of youth. To recover the luminosity of the skin, ways need to be found to smooth the epidermis, correct dark areas and improve tissue quality. The light of aesthetic lasers today offers a wide range of solutions to preserve the skin’s youthfulness… amongst other miracles!

By Anne-Marie Clerc - Photographer: Grégoire Gardette

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