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Garden moments, 

A secret garden in Geneva

Until the end of September, La Réserve Genève will be living in step with “Garden Moments” to enchant the spring and summer of 2017. From the hotel to its restaurants, the Spa to the swimming pool, the park to the bar, an atmosphere brimming with sweetness and poetry will transform the location. A change of tempo, a natural chic mood…The only hotel in Geneva with direct access to the lake invites you to experience dreamy “Garden Moments” throughout the summer as you enjoy lunch in the sun or a stolen moment in time.


By Anne-Marie Clerc

LA RÉSERVE GENÈVE - Hotel, Spa and Villas

301 Route de Lausanne. 1293 Bellevue. Suisse

T +41 (0)22 959 59 59. www.lareserve-geneve.com

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