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Curiosity is an extremely positive trait when it means an attitude of openness towards knowledge, a desire to learn and understand. It helps innovation light up the world and lead us along unknown paths that are so much more promising than the highly monotonous beaten track. Ever since its creation, La Réserve has always tried to do things differently, to escape from déjà vu in order to imagine varied ways of welcoming you, surprising you and pleasing you during a stay, a meal, an evening or a treatment. The opening of La Réserve à la Plage in Pampelonne this season is yet another example.

Consistently striving to do better and go further is also the common denominator among the pioneers honored in this new issue dedicated to innovation, with guest interviewees including photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, writer, scriptwriter and director Amanda Sthers, musician Jaïn and racing car champion Jean Todt. From art to philosophy, from technology to ecology, innovation holds the finest promise for the future, so long as human intelligence and emotion have the last word. Happy reading!

Anne-Flore Reybier

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