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Émilie Zannier – Once upon a time

This is the story of a brilliant and determined individual who was raised in Lyon within a family that told her textile stories and fairytales in equally generous measure.

Valentine Pozzo di Borgo – Scent imprints

When Valentine Pozzo di Borgo was studying economics at the Université de Paris Dauphine, she had no idea that her destiny would in fact lie in the world of perfumery.

Philippe Starck

He is one of the most famous designers on the planet and is in his own way imagining tomorrow’s world. He has a keen perception of our daily environment and is committed to enhancing it.

Carole Hubscher and her master strokes

Everything is attractively presented and perfectly honed: welcome to the Maison de Haute Ecriture Caran d’Ache, which has been tracing a remarkably successful path for over a century. Behind these high-quality coloring pencils, gouache paints and pens is a woman whose destiny was in some ways written in the stars.

Imany, colors of passion

A New York-based fashion model who has since become a well-known figure on the Parisian music scene, Imany has a delightfully low-pitched voice enabling her to distil a captivating and elegant take on soul music.

Jean-Gabriel Causse

Author of “L’étonnant pouvoir des couleurs”, (The Astonishing Power of Colors), a best-seller explaining the in uence of the chromatic palette on our moods, on how we learn and on our creativity, Jean-Gabriel Causse is back with a novel “Les crayons de couleur” ….

The irresistible Carole Bouquet

Actress and winemaker, Carole Bouquet is not just a stunningly beautiful celebrity. She is also endowed with remarkable strength and a winning spirit.

Terry de Gunzburg

At the age of 20, Terry de Gunzburg gave up her medical studies to enroll at art school.
Meanwhile, she spent some time with the Carita sisters doing a make-up internship… and her fate was sealed. Between the many studios and catwalks, she met Yves Saint Laurent with whom she worked for 15 years. In 1998, she created her own brand, By Terry, an international reference in the world of make-up.

Idriss Aberkane, journey to the heart of the brain

– Interview – Idriss Aberkane, journey to the heart of the brain Nothing more closely resembles a human brain than another human brain… and yet some people develop prodigious, extraordinary aptitudes. Why? How? Welcome to the circumvoluted world of gray matter, as described by Idriss Aberkane, neuroscience expert and author of the bestseller Free your brain, published by […]

Xavier Niel, the gifted prodigy

– Interview – Xavier Niel,the gifted prodigy  In addition to his pleasant manner and passionate nature, Xavier Niel is a brilliant visionary gifted with an exceptionally keen mind. This is a man who knows all about originality, since he has never wanted to follow the crowd. Xavier Niel, Iliad Group’s majority shareholder and founder as well […]

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