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A history perpetually bound up with mountaineering

Back in 1853, before becoming the charming place where you now love to stay, the establishment was a modest wooden chalet. The great adventurers of the era flocked there and it regularly hosted mountaineering heroes such as Edward Whymper who set off to conquer the Matterhorn on July 13th 1865 in what proved a successful ascent! While the Monte Rosa now offers all the services and amenities of a resolutely modern hotel, its walls still echo this illustrious past and radiate the inimitable glow of the Belle Epoque. A journey between past and present where the living is easy.


By Valérie Blanc


Bahnhofstrasse 80, 3920 Zermatt - Suisse

T +41 (0)27 966 03 33. www.monterosazermatt.ch

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