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Alexis Tricoire – Plant-life poetry

Known for his fascinating plant-life poetry, Alexis Tricoire brings nature to the heart of cities so as to draw our attention to its beauty, its sensorial richness and its place in our societies.

From grape to glass

Thoughtfully served, the first thing one does is to examine its robe, which one inhales. We know that it will be delicious from the very first mouthful.

France’s last gold-beater

Since 1834, the Maison Dauvet has been perpetuating an age-old craft. Gold beaten flat into thin sheets called gold leaf was used for the first sovereigns of Egypt as well as in India in the early days of Buddhism.

Lacework entwined with innovation

Drawing his most daring inspiration from ancestral skills, Tzuri Gueta offers a modern take on the flowing and sensual beauty of lacework.

Dr Goranka Tanackovic

Knowing one’s genome used to be the stuff of science fiction. Progress has been spectacular, and one can well imagine that in the near future, everyone will have access to all or part of their personal information.

A unique world for children

Shining eyes and excited faces. Your children discover their room, their own lodge and are carried away into a magical universe.

A tailor-made program for getting back in touch with yourself

A dream setting in which to break free from the stressful pace of daily life, the spa suggests you take things even further with its Mind and Body Nescens Retreat.

A Napoleonic ambiance

The Imperial Suite features a décor imbued with the spirit of the Emperor Napoleon and its atmosphere can be adjusted to fit each mood thanks to the interactive tablet.

The pleasures of pleasing others

In addition to the delicious feeling of finding yourself in a ‘home from home’, a special family offer has been dreamed up to ensure a perfectly carefree stay.

A fresh look at wine

Take time out and treat yourself to a unique introductory experience learning about what happens in a vineyard. An unforgettable privilege.

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