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Letting go gains the upper hand

Finally letting go, forgetting it all and learning to do nothing… A whole art that the Monte Rosa Hotel can teach you to perfection. All you need to do is bask in the sun on the magnificent lawn in the gardens and let your thoughts take flight.

Yiqing Yin

– Fashion – Yiqing Yin,originality as a guiding thread For the past two years, this Beijing-born French designer has been the youngest member of the elite circle of international Haute Couture. A chat with a fashion Artist. What aspects are woven into your original approach?Freedom, temerity, boldness and the energy that starts from chaos to be […]

Idriss Aberkane, journey to the heart of the brain

– Interview – Idriss Aberkane, journey to the heart of the brain Nothing more closely resembles a human brain than another human brain… and yet some people develop prodigious, extraordinary aptitudes. Why? How? Welcome to the circumvoluted world of gray matter, as described by Idriss Aberkane, neuroscience expert and author of the bestseller Free your brain, published by […]

Secrets of history

Stéphane’s BernSecrets of history  French journalist Stéphane Bern is known for his fondness for royalty, but he is also and above all a devotee of history that he loves presenting to the public through his television programs and his books. This perpetually fascinated and fascinating individual shares his vision of originality through examples spanning various […]

Niels Rodin

– Gastronomy – Niels Rodin,a zest of originality Based near Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Jura mountains, Niels Rodin is a happy man. He has turned what was merely a personal passion ten years ago into a living as citrus-fruit grower. The very thought of citrus fruit conjures up images of warm, sunny […]

Cerise Doucède, photographic poems

Cerise Doucède,Photographic poems Scenographer and photographer, Cerise Doucède invents weightless poems and turns them into incredibly original, dreamy images. How did you get the idea of objects in suspension?I had a dream about an open book with pages fluttering away from it. The image fascinated me, so I reproduced it in my living room and tried […]

Xavier Niel, the gifted prodigy

– Interview – Xavier Niel,the gifted prodigy  In addition to his pleasant manner and passionate nature, Xavier Niel is a brilliant visionary gifted with an exceptionally keen mind. This is a man who knows all about originality, since he has never wanted to follow the crowd. Xavier Niel, Iliad Group’s majority shareholder and founder as well […]

Amélie Nothomb, profoundly original

– Interview – Amélie Nothomb,profoundly original A singular being fired by intrepid inspiration, Amélie Nothomb has been sharing with us for almost 30 years her thrilling and immediately recognizable novels that entirely resemble her – and yet chime with our innermost selves. According to certain dictionary definitions, originality is associated with singularity and eccentricity. So […]

Mika, beyond codes, beyond conventions

– Interview – Mika,beyond codes, beyond conventions A dandy with a light touch also given to profound reflection, Mika brings us flamboyant and singular pop music. Behind the extrovert lies a discreet and sensitive man endowed with incredible talent and unspoiled sincerity. Is originality superficial?No, and those who think so have a caricature-like vision of it or imagine […]

Josef Schovanec

– INTERVIEW – Josef Schovanec Philosopher and writer Josef Schovanec tells of his passion for travel in a weekly radio broadcast on Europe 1. Through books such as Je suis à l’est and Voyages en Autistan, published by Plon, he approaches autism through his personal experience. Isn’t being oneself the best means of being original?Being […]

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