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Josef Schovanec

– INTERVIEW – Josef Schovanec Philosopher and writer Josef Schovanec tells of his passion for travel in a weekly radio broadcast on Europe 1. Through books such as Je suis à l’est and Voyages en Autistan, published by Plon, he approaches autism through his personal experience. Isn’t being oneself the best means of being original?Being […]

Cyril Aouizerate The original version

– Interview – Cyril Aouizeratethe original version Cyril Aouizerate is a philosopher and urbanist who creates places endowed with soul and meaning, such as the Mama Shelters, the MOB vegan restaurants of Brooklyn and Paris, as well as the MOB hotels that have just been set up in the flea market districts of Saint-Ouen and […]

Raphaël Enthoven

– Interview – Raphaël Enthoven a philosophical stroll around the theme of wonderment Accurate wording, fast-paced delivery, thought patterns that are both deep and airy: Raphaël Enthoven cultivates a close relationship with wonderment. He agreed to discuss his enthusiasm regarding this “fundamental” philosophical subject with us in a captivating and astonishing interview. Professor of philosophy […]

Charles Pépin

Charles Pépin«The effect that beauty has on us is not superficial» Philosopher, novelist and journalist, Charles Pépin has authored ten or so books that have been translated in many languages. Through his work titled “Quand la beauté nous sauve” (When beauty saves us) he invites us to look up to beauty as a way of experiencing a meaningful encounter with […]