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Nathalie Obadia – Gallery Owner

Passionate about art since childhood, Nathalie Obadia is a gallery owner who finds fulfilment in a profession that she loves as much as ever. For her artists, she aspires to the finest places on the international art scene.

Carole Talon-Hugon – Art in questions

What can be said about art as it now is? Can it still be defined; and can a single word encompass the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the avant-garde and our contemporary era? Have we reached an artistic impasse or are there still territories to explore? Together with Carole Talon-Hugon, let’s travel between centuries, dictates, emotions, evolutions, revolutions and questions.

Bertrand Piccard

– Interview – Bertrand Piccard“ The only way to fail is not to try!” Psychiatrist and explorer Bertrand Piccard is the worthy heir to a line of scientists who set out to conquer space and the oceans. Son of an oceanographer who explored the depths and grandson of the first man to have reached the […]

Hervé Chandès – A successful wager

This exceptional talent-scout has been engaged in this adventure for 24 years and remains just as fascinated by animals as he is by artists such as Patti Smith.

Amélie Nothomb, profoundly original

– Interview – Amélie Nothomb,profoundly original A singular being fired by intrepid inspiration, Amélie Nothomb has been sharing with us for almost 30 years her thrilling and immediately recognizable novels that entirely resemble her – and yet chime with our innermost selves. According to certain dictionary definitions, originality is associated with singularity and eccentricity. So […]

Cyril Aouizerate The original version

– Interview – Cyril Aouizeratethe original version Cyril Aouizerate is a philosopher and urbanist who creates places endowed with soul and meaning, such as the Mama Shelters, the MOB vegan restaurants of Brooklyn and Paris, as well as the MOB hotels that have just been set up in the flea market districts of Saint-Ouen and […]