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Real or fake?
While answering this question should be child’s play, the way the modern world is going makes it increasingly hard to tell one from another. We often get the impression that sham and fiction pervade every aspect of today’s world: news can be faked, intelligence is powering towards the artificial variety, not to mention crypto-currencies… Is authenticity, a fundamental human value, on the brink of extinction? And yet we are living in an amazing and fascinating era filled with great promise. Nonetheless, the irresistible wish to see into the future does not prevent people from choosing to defend truth, against all odds. Never before have the desire for naturalness and the pursuit of simplicity expressed through all that is healthy and genuine been so powerful. They have indeed always been part of the values of Michel Reybier Hospitality.


What finer example could one imagine than La Réserve Ramatuelle? It embodies supreme authenticity within an exceptional unspoiled environment. An ideal setting for its Nescens programs, which combine a quest for results with rediscovering one’s inner self and the elements in a spirit of true simplicity. Moreover, authenticity also means the human authenticity of our teams, their complete and sincere commitment that is a signature feature in each of our establishments. So yes, we all want to plunge joyfully into the future, providing we are able to safeguard the fundamentals of authenticity. These views are shared by our guests featured in this issue who express their take on this theme. Firmly attuned to the present, they are confident in the future, so long as it remains true to these essential principles…

Anne-Flore Reybier

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